Captive Insurance Company Reports, CICR

One of the Industry’s Most Trusted Publications

Michael R. Mead is the editor for Captive Insurance Company Reports, without argument the first and most respected independent periodical to focus on the Captive Insurance Market. One of the most notable differences between CICR and other publications is the absence of advertising. CICR is dedicated solely to the dissemination of information relative to the captive insurance industry. Our no-nonsense writing style is well suited to the dissemination of information for so many diverse captive topics. Written in association with the consultants of the Tillinghast business of Towers Perrin, Captive Insurance Company Reports enjoys the honor of being the most popular periodical that focuses specifically on the Alternative Market. CICR is filled front to back with important and relative news, as well as recommendations for actions that can optimize the many benefits of captive ownership, improve performance and increase participation.

International Risk Management Institute, Inc publishes Capital Insurance Company Reports.  IRMI is the largest publisher in the insurance industry, helping insurance and risk management professionals do a better job by providing Content, Conferences, Continuing Education, and Certifications.

Captive Insurance Company Reports regularly covers topics that include:

  • Articles that appeal to captive practitioners from the novice to the seasoned expert
  • Reports on new and existing captive domiciles
  • Conditions of and developments concerning reinsurance and fronting
  • Tax Regulation and Legislation Trends, as well as Enforcement Developments
  • Captive Solutions Employee Benefits
  • Captive Conference and Seminar Proceeding summaries / recaps
  • Captive Management
  • Investment Strategies and Tactics

Who benefits from reading CICR?

Agents, Brokers, Captive Managers and Account Support Staff

Knowledge is power, and CICR keeps you powerful by providing the latest developments and trends in everything from fronting to regulatory oversight and captive management best practices. CICR is a powerful tool you can use to reinforce your recommendations and opinions, as well as increase client confidence. You’ll know the latest concerning captive domiciles and the industry as a whole.

Captive Owners, Risk Managers, Financial Executives, and Business Buyers

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments and trends that affect captives, learn ways to maximize the benefits of owning the captive and know what questions to ask of your captive manager, broker, fronting company, claims advisor, investment counselor, actuary and other captive service providers.


Our detailed summary will help you understand topics that are relevant to you, such as reinsurance and fronting conditions and how they affect captives.


You’ll know the latest developments and trends and receive regulatory oversight information as it relates to captives. Experts provide reports on recent captive tax law regulations in case law as well as corporate governance and a host of liability and claim oversight issues.

Consultants / Advisors

Learn the latest on developments and trends in reinsurance, regulatory oversight, tax and investment strategies concerning captives. Stay abreast of the latest in captive domiciles; learn ways to maximize the ownership and participation benefits available to captives. You’ll learn the important questions to ask of other professionals within the captive marketplace.