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An Open Letter from Michael R. Mead

Throughout my career in the insurance industry I’ve witnessed amazing changes. While some might be arguably classified as curious, the majority have been foundationally smart.  That may seem like a statement of opinion, but so far history has proven me right. When it comes to shifts and innovations in the way an industry operates, ultimately, history is the only true judge. Once a track record is established, it’s difficult to obfuscate or spin results. I’m particularly proud of the contributions we’ve made to our industry that have resulted in positive outcomes for our clients. As we continue to build our legacy, I’m confident that history will show M.R. Mead & Company has been a positive influence. Thank you for visiting our website…and thank you for considering M.R. Mead & Company.

We look forward to serving you.
Michael R. Mead

Focusing on Goal Achievement

As a privately owned and operated company, M.R. Mead is accountable to our clients, not a group of stockholders. This single factor distinguishes us from so many other companies in that our focus is always on helping our clients achieve their goals. Since we’re not limited to a specific group of products or Risk Management Solutions, we can work with in our vast network of providers to basically design what doesn’t exist. Innovation and development take the place of pushing a particular product. M.R. Mead & Company offers services to captive insurance companies. Our Principal also offers services to attorneys seeking an expert witness in captive insurance company litigation. He has served several times in cases of varying length, complexity and location. He is comfortable in any environment involving such litigation. Always working to get you exactly what you need: that’s M.R. Mead & Company.

About Michael R. Mead

Within a privately owned and operated company, the company principal establishes the foundation upon which the business is built. Michael R. Mead, CPCU, is well known and respected throughout the captive Insurance profession. Michael has spent years developing relationships throughout our industry, working with other veteran’s service providers who share his commitment to excellence and desire to bring integrity to every transaction.

Michael R. Mead served as President of the Missouri Captive Insurance Association. He is past Director and Chair of the Captive Insurance Companies Association, or CICA.  Michael has also served as Director and President of the Arizona Captive Insurance Association (AzCIA). He is a past Director of the Captive Insurance Council Of The District Of Columbia (CIC-DC), a past Director and Vice President of The Insurance Center for Captive Insurance Excellence (ICCIE), where he is an instructor.

Michael also serves as Editor of the Captive Insurance Company Reports (CICR). Since 1977, captive insurance company reports what was the first independent periodical to focus exclusively on the captive insurance alternative market. Today, it is commonly recognized as the most respected independent periodical on this topic. Michael’s years of practical experience result in the sharing of information that educates captive practitioners on the comprehensive and diverse captive topics of today. From fronting and reinsurance to Collateral pressures and options, actuarial and accounting topics to corporate governance and captive management practices, Captive Insurance Company Reports provides Michael R. Mead an opportunity to successfully share his expertise for the benefit of those within the captive insurance industry.